Wild Divine – The Passage


Wild Divine – The Passage

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Wild Divine – The Passage

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Wild Divine - The Passage

Wild Divine – The Passage

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he Journey to Wild Divine is published by Wild Divine, founded in 2001 by Kurt R. Smith and Corwin Bell. The Wild Divine Project’s mission is “to deliver an affordable, engaging, and effective self-care technology to the health & wellness community.”

Kurt Smith, PhD. is a research scientist specializing in biomedical engineering. A serial entrepreneur, Smith started six medical device startup companies, two of which are now owned by Medtronic. After his tenure with Medtronic, Smith began to pursue a passion “to provide integrative healing tools and services to people in an effective way”.

Corwin Bell, a game designer, was studying at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington when he realized that computer animation was a format that he could use to manifest his ideas and images. After receiving a Masters degree in Communications, Bell moved on to work in the movie industry where he did set design and cinematography. Bell turned to working on children’s software, including The Pagemaster for Turner Interactive and Super Safe Kids, a CD tool that teaches awareness of abduction issues in an animated environment. He also became an instructor at the Art Institute of Colorado.

Smith and Bell met and began exchanging ideas while rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado when Bell told Smith about an idea he had to combine a computer game with biofeedback in order to help people. They proceeded with this entertainment-based model intended to benefit people by providing both preventive and integrative care.

Other experts who assisted in the development of Journey to Wild Divine’s products include Jean Houston, a pioneer researcher in human development and extending human capacities, and Nawang Khechog, a former Buddhist monk, who’s studied with the Dalai Lama and is one of Tibet’s foremost world music composers and musicians. From the start, Liana Mattulich, M.D., a highly experienced biofeedback expert in Denver, Colorado helped the project see completion. Other experts consulted on the project were Dr. Bob Whitehouse and Sunny Turner.

Uses IOM biofeedback device or Lightstone

Bonus CD is by Deepak Chopra

Get Wild Divine – The Passage on senselearn.com right now!
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