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The Hustle - Trends

The Hustle – Trends

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We’re a team of analysts and entrepreneurs that obsessively track emerging industries. Each week we show you the white space in the market and how you can capitalize on it. We work to discover market gaps so you can succeed.

The stat that
inspired an empire.

While working at a hedge fund in 1994, Jeff Bezos came across a report with a shocking stat: the internet grew by 2,300% the previous year.

“Things just don’t grow that fast, with the exception of petri dishes,” he said.

“A nontrivial baseline growing at 2,300% a year is clearly going to be everywhere tomorrow, and so the question was:

What kind of business plan would make sense in the context of that growth?”

Two years later, Amazon was born.

Hustle Trends

Hey there grasshopper,

Sam here, CEO of The Hustle. Each day my team and I send out a business news email to over 1 million subscribers. Why? So they have the information they need to put their mark on the world through their professional success.

But our readers have asked for more. They want more than just our expert analysis of the news. They want actionable insights on how to capitalize on the information we’re giving them.

And that, my dear friend, is where Hustle Trends comes in.

My team of researchers and analysts spends thousands of hours analyzing data, digging through reports, and talking with sources to identify business opportunities you can pounce on.

Each week we compile the business trends we’re seeing in one easy-to-read report, filled with case studies, insights, and action steps.

Who knows…maybe you’ll come across a piece of information that’ll inspire you to become the next Bezos.

Affordable, quality insights and opportunities you can act on, and a community of experts to answer your questions.

To get access, please sign up below.

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Our weekly newsletter: Every Tuesday, we’ll email you case studies, in-depth analysis, and interviews with successful founders, describing the latest business trends and opportunities.

Q&As: Want a direct line to the business leaders we profile? Great. We host regular question and answer sessions.

Weekly reports

We spend dozens of hours researching emerging industries and compiling data to help you see where markets are headed.

Get The Hustle – Trends on right now!
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