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The World’s Most Experienced INFIELD Dating Coach…

Unveils his easy to follow step-by-step approach that shows ANY GUY how to transform himself into life of the party that all the hottest women at the club fight to take home every single night.
That Guy

Do you really want to be one of those guys?
Trying to “get her attention” while actually creeping girls out trying to replicate some YouTube “Guru”

Imagine a much more natural way of meeting girls, my method…
that I have crafted for over 10 years.

Everyone’s trying to
Control the girl’semotions, to trick the girl into liking them, using
routines and lines, hoping the girl can’t see through their

What if I told you that none of this was necessary? That you could meet your dream girl in a much more natural way…Without creeping her out… and without ever doing anything “weird’. A method I have come to understand after 10 years of doing this and that I will teach you today…

but it’s time to put an end to it… it’s time to shift the community in the right direction.

Now listen, I’ve been teaching hundreds of students in person and thousands online, every year… and I’ve been doing this for almost a decade – you do the math…

I studied every student and every student taught me something new, but to be honest…

The biggest sticking points were always the same

Almost every student was doing the

Same few things wrong.

And chances are…. Whatever is holding you back right now from being the man you could be– whether it’s a small subtlety or a blatant mistake – I’ve probably seen it before…
and fixed it.

So I sat down and put together everything I had, every piece of knowledge and experience… Every failure, mistake and sticking point I’ve seen out there…

And then I broke down my own brain, every single detail that makes me Who I am…
About how I think, and how I act and I created a program that covers literally EVERYTHING there is to natural game… from every possible angle.

To make you the dream guy for any girl.

To make it seem like you aren’t even trying and yet they all want you.

To be the center of attention wherever you might go.

To finally bring out the true YOU and have people love you for it.

See… being a psychologist and sports enthusiast I came to accept one fact: Whatever you want to get good at… the best way is to receive professional coaching. The best thing after that is to watch someone who is already excelling at it. I have managed to combine BOTH aspects on my program Social Encrypted. All the benefits of an updated infield seminar and the bonuses of all my personal secrets I only share on boot camp with my students.

So instead of just creating a compilation of knowledge, I wanted to create more… I wanted to create a program that will help you see and understand what it is you’re doing wrong, what mistakes you’re making, and how you can fix them. So you don’t have to ever again experience the frustration of walking home alone and not knowing what went wrong.

But Alex, what exactly is inside the Social Encrypted package and how is it different than all the other pickup programs?

Great question…

if you have ever gone out to a nightclub or a bar then you have seen that guy who’s just trying a bit too hard.

It’s cringy and there’s just something off with him… well that’s the sad destiny of most guys who get into pickup.

Now that’s the main focus of this course. How to make you a true NATURAL, and of course… a true gentleman.

Imagine fearlessly walking up to any girl, starting a conversation with her, and not doing much more than just talking aimlessly… as you just watch her slowly want you more and more.

I’ve helped guys achieve this goal for about 10 years now… so i know you can do it too…
No excuses, I know every possible excuse known to man at this point.

Stop lying to yourself, deep down you know it’s not your looks or your financial situation that’s stopping you from doing all that…

we all know that one guy at the parties who has girls flocking all over him… maybe he’s short, or even fat but that doesn’t stop the girls from loving him… but the thing is: you can be that guy too.

Now I know what you’re gonna ask me:

“well Alex, if I sign up for Social Encrypted and watch the videos and learn the mindsets and do the exercises… will that solve my problems?“

The answer is yes BUT you still have to go out and practice the concepts you will be learning to really hammer them down into your brain.

The beauty in it is that, as you advance and face new problems, you can come back to Social Encrypted and find the answers to any problem you’re facing out there in the real life, and if you follow the instructions,


Get Social Encrypted on right now!
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