Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy 2.0


Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy 2.0

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Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy 2.0

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Mikkelsen Twins - Audiobook Income Academy 2.0

Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy 2.0

Archive : Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy 2.0

How We Built An Online Publishing Business That Pays Us Large Sums Every Month… On Repeat

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0

  • ​25+ Hours of Step-By-Step Training
  • ​Steal Our Juicy Internal Templates, Spreadsheets & More!
  • ​Live Q&A Call Every Two Weeks W/ The Mikkelsen Twins
  • ​Access To Our Community of Expert Level Students


When You Join Audiobook Income Academy 2.0, 

You Get Full & Immediate Access To: 

25+ Hours of Step By Step Video Training: ($4,997 Value)

Over the span of 25+ hours, AIA 2.0 has training that covers EVERY aspect of building a long-term publishing business. This is essentially a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it… keyword research, book outline templates, how to collect reviews, brand building, Amazon Advertising, email marketing… this course has everything covered for you.

87+ Resources, Templates & Spreadsheets: ($997 Value)

With all of the extras you’ll get, the Twins have already done most of the work for you. You get their secret spreadsheet that makes keyword research easy. You get fill-in-the-blank outline templates to assure only the highest quality books. You get copy & paste email templates to send to your email list. And sooo much more…

Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A Call With The Mikkelsen Twins ($2,997)

The Twins have a separate group coaching program called the Publishing Booster Program which you can join for $147 per month. But as an AIA 2.0 student, you will be granted a lifetime membership… for free. This is your opportunity to speak with them face-to-face during the live coaching sessions held twice every month.

Winning Mastermind Group: ($997 Value)

Imagine having 200+ mentors in your pocket? That’s exactly what you’re getting with this course. Customers frequently tell us that the mastermind group ALONE is worth over $10,000. You have an entire community, an entire family here to ensure you start making thousands every month in recurring income.

The Curriculum

Welcome to Audiobook Income Academy 2.0! 0:02:51

Exclusive AIA 2.0 Facebook Group 02:53

Claim Your AIA Merch! 00:00

Customer Support 00:00

Our Publishing Journey 58:58

Mindset To Guarantee Success 18:19

Setting Expectations 13:37

AIA Publishing Process Explained 15:04

Publishing Timeline 05:32

The Purpose Of Your Publishing Business 19:19

Publishing Expenses And Budgeting 19:52

Profitability Of Publishing 11:27

How To Avoid Account Termination 11:40

How To Get A US Address 01:48

How To Get A US Bank Account 06:13

How To Get A US EIN Number From The IRS 04:50

How To Get Endorsements & Recommendations 11:53

Setting Up Your KDP Account 08:31

Setting Up Your ACX Account 06:14

Introduction To Keyword Research And The SLEEK Method 10:00

Niches To Be In & Niches To Avoid 10:20

Must-Have Tools For Keyword Research 05:27

How To Do A Trademark Search On Your Keywords 10:29

S – Scrape For Keywords 18:01

L – Create A List 11:27

E – Evaluate Profitability 21:47

E – Process Of Elimination 06:02

K – Choosing Your Top Keywords 11:05

Foundation Of Title Creation 14:09

How To Find Related Keywords 09:29

Formulating Your Best-Selling Book Title 15:33

Why Quality Is King 11:31

5 Elements Of A High Quality Book 11:34

Building A Brand 09:09

Choosing The Right Pen Name For Your Books 09:25

How Long Should Your Books Be And Why? 05:33

Do Your Books Need Pictures? 04:41

How To Get Your Books Written (James Patterson Model) 21:01

Comparing And Contrasting Top Ghostwriting Companies 33:42

How To Write The Perfect Book Outline For Your Writer 29:04

How To Fill Out The AIA Outline Template 10:38

How To Do In-Depth Research For Your Book Outline 27:31

How To Place Your Book Order With A Ghostwriting Company 08:59

How To Find Your Superstar Ghostwriter On Upwork 25:19

Using Google Docs With Your Writer 02:51

What To Do While Your Book Is Being Written 07:02

How To Publish 100% For FREE And Make Profit On Day 1 16:38

How To Write Your Own Books FAST 23:17

Where To Find Copyright Free Music For Your Audiobooks 03:29

Introduction To Creating Best Selling Book Covers 20:08

Good Vs. Bad Book Covers 14:08

How To Have Your Book Cover Made By A Professional 22:01

Converting Your Cover To Ebook Format 04:53

How To Get Your Paperback Cover Made 10:14

How To Create A Stunning Book Cover For Free In Canva 25:27

The Importance Of Proofreading And Editing 06:12

How To Proofread And Edit Your Books 10:46

How To Edit With Grammarly 13:22

How To Check Your Book For Plagiarism 05:08

How To Professionally Format Your Ebook 16:28

How To Format Your Manuscript For Paperback 18:05

Introduction To List Building 17:28

5 Aspects Of An Irresistible Lead Magnet 26:20

How To Create Your Own Lead Magnet And Build Custom Graphics In Canva 06:58

Getting Started With Mailchimp 05:21

How To Create A Landing Page You Can’t Say No To 13:49

Creating Your Business Email Account 04:18

Editing Your Audience Settings 03:18

Writing Your 5 Day Email Sequence 14:08

Copy & Paste ARS Email Template For You To Steal 13:49

Setting Up Your Email Sequence In Mailchimp 10:41

Why Your Book Description Matters 06:15

How To Write A Book Description That Sells Like Crazy 48:20

Our Perfect Puppy Parent Book Description 10:48

Formatting Your Ebook And Paperback Description 27:38

Formatting Your Description For ACX 08:00

Outsourcing Your Description To An Expert Copywriter 05:15

186 Magnetic Words That Just Make People Buy 03:11

BONUS LESSON: Copywriting Secrets From An Expert 40:19

KDP Dashboard Walkthrough 02:45

KDP Select Vs. Going Wide 09:36

KDP Pricing Strategy For Maximum Earnings 06:35

How To Best Choose Your Book Categories For Increased Reach 07:58

How To Properly Fill Out Your 7 Back End Keywords 09:16

Publishing Your Ebook To KDP 13:00

How To Run A Free Book Promotion 06:14

How To Maximize Downloads For Your Free Book Promotion 06:02

Publishing Your Paperback Book To KDP Print 10:13

Introduction To AA Ads 24:10

How To Set Up Your US AA Account 02:31

How To Set Up Your UK AA Account 07:18

How To Set Up Your CA AA Account 03:43

AA Dashboard Walkthrough 04:55

How To Find Keywords With KDP Rocket 09:06

How To Find Keywords With Google Keyword Planner 11:17

How To Combine Your Keyword Lists And Remove Duplicates 07:24

How The Amazon Bidding System Works 19:14

Starting Bid Strategy 11:19

How To Write Effective Ad Copy FAST 03:19

How To Set Up An AA Ad Campaign 15:57

How To Optimize Your AA Campaigns 17:10

How To Bring Your Ads Back From The Dead 04:22

Introduction To Audiobooks 16:54

ACX Dashboard Walkthrough 05:09

How To Get Your Book On ACX 10:18

5 Elements Of High Quality Narration 25:23

How To Find The Perfect Narrator 28:46

How To Add Value To Your Audiobook With Free PDF Bonuses 05:44

Complete Guide To Narrating Audiobooks Yourself 29:03

Creating a High-Converting Retail Audio Sample 02:59

How To Easily Make Your Audiobooks Longer 02:53

How To Pay Your Narrator 02:07

What To Do If ACX Rejects Your Audiobook 03:24

How To Edit Your Audiobook After It Is Published 02:08

Reviewing Samples And Hiring Our Narrator 16:51

Introduction To Real & Reliable Reviews 14:12

KDP Reviews And How To Get Them 12:20

ACX Reviews – Everything You Need To Know 19:17

How To Assemble Your Launch Team –

Friends, Family And Your Network 08:27

ACX Codes For Honest And Legitimate Reviews 05:51

Adding Your Powerful Book And Audiobook Inserts 08:48

How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Amazon The Right Way 05:57

Book Promo & Review Services You Need To Know About 13:41

Introduction To The Gift From The Publishing Gods 08:30

How To Title Your Bundle To Unleash Its Full Potential 07:40

How To Get An Awesome Cover Made For Your Bundle 07:32

How To Write The Best Book Description For Your Bundle 06:29

How To Properly Format Your Bundle’s Manuscript 05:35

Intros And Outros That You Need For Your Bundle 06:36

Quick And Easy Retail Audio Sample For Your Bundle 01:19

How To Upload Your Bundle –

What Is IngramSpark? 03:56

All About ISBNs 10:28

How To Register And Set Up Your ISBNs 07:18

How To Avoid All IngramSpark Fees 02:03

How To Upload Your Books To IngramSpark 08:07

How To Upload Your Ebooks To Draft2Digital 06:43

How To Use Author Central To Become A Respected Author 11:17

How To Get Into 8 Additional Book Categories! 10:34

Book Launch Strategy For Future Books –

How To Calculate Estimated ACX Earnings –

All AIA 2.0 Resources In One Place –

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