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Mike Shreeve – The Expert Maker

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Mike Shreeve – The Expert Maker

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Mike Shreeve – The Expert Maker

Mike Shreeve – The Expert Maker

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Get Mike Shreeve – The Expert Maker on senselearn.com right now!

Learn The Exact Skills Mike Uses To Earn 6 Figures A Year PER CLIENT Helping Good People Share Their Message, Touch The Lives Of Millions, And Build Multi-Million Dollar Companies

YES! Please let me into The Expert Maker work-a-long program where Mike will walk me through the exact master checklist he uses for himself and clients for building and scaling an online signature course.

I am ready to learn how to combine multiple skills into a single Super Power I can offer to clients or start building my own platform for changing lives today!

I fully understand that this program is not a guarantee to overnight riches, but I also recognize this as an opportunity to learn and implement a powerful income generating skillset which I can use whenever and wherever I desire.

I also understand that I will need to do the work in order to get the results.

I am ready to make this investment in myself and my future by taking advantage of this program available to me now.

I am ready to live the No Pants lifestyle!

What I Get When I Sign Up Today

When I join The Expert Maker work-a-long program before July 17th I will receive:

  • Bite sized (and action driven) video lessons showing me exactly how to accomplish everything from getting myself or my client their very first email leads… to creating a Signature Program my client or I can sell for $997 or more… to selling myself to clients as a top shelf Expert Maker… and more!
  • The Master Checklist that contains every step I need to take which I can follow step-by-step to implement Mike’s strategies for myself or my clients without ever having to guess “what’s next?”
  • A formulaic Signature Course creation worksheet so I can take my clients’ or my own ideas and turn them into a 12 week program that changes lives while generating significant income!
  • Fill-in-the-blank webinar, email, and even lighthouse templates… PLUS: Mike will provide me with the exact niche specific Facebook interest targeting I should use if I want to rely on a paid traffic strategy…
  • Instant access to Mike’s LIVE work-a-long case study where I’ll be able to work-a-longside Mike as he implements The Master Checklist LIVE and provides daily updates, shares results, and gives unprecedented transparency to the entire Expert Maker process…
  • And a lot more little tools and strategies Mike is cooking up to help me the best I can be with this program!

Bonuses I’ll Receive To Help Me Be Successful With This Program

Bonus #1. Facebook Ads Masterclass

This is the same Facebook ads training that has only ever been shared with No Pants Project coaching members which I’ll get access to 100% free of charge.

Mike will walk me through the process of finding the right people to target, writing the perfect ad, and making sure I am staying well within my budget to build a successful paid traffic campaign.

Adding this skill (running Facebook ads) on top of the Super Power Mike will be teaching me is an easy way to turn one-off projects into lifelong retainer agreements with the clients I’m working with!

Bonus #2. Done For You Client Getting Faucet

Mike is generously including a fill-in-the-blank series of templates including a mini-webinar, landing page, emails, etc. that I can use to generate clients on command for this exact Super Power.

I acknowledge that Mike providing these templates is not an income or results guarantee and that I will still need to build a list (following the Master Checklist), and take discovery calls in order for this to work.

But… I am SUPER excited to have a client getting mechanism so I can start helping others with this new Super Power of mine!

If I’m Currently A Member Of The No Pants Project Coaching Program I Will Also Receive…

Get Mike Shreeve – The Expert Maker on senselearn.com right now!
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