Master Of Media Buying Mastermind 2019


Master Of Media Buying Mastermind 2019

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Master Of Media Buying Mastermind 2019


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Master Of Media Buying Mastermind 2019

Master Of Media Buying Mastermind 2019

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“Experts, Egos, & The Most Magical Traffic Secrets Exposed, Ever!”

What You Learn When You Lock 44 Top Traffic Experts In A Room For Two Days…

This gathering — what I appropriately call The Masters of Media Buying Mastermind — was “the MOST EPIC TRAINING event ever held on traffic generation and media buying, anywhere”. Hands-down, bar none!

behind the curtain 

of this historic gathering…

I also explained the system we use at MFA for rolling-out new campaigns as Minimum Viable Funnels (MVF).

An MVF is the smallest number of funnel steps possible which can still confirm you have a winner.

It’s the system we use all the time to see if we have a campaign which converts… BEFORE we waste any time creating any email sequences, upsells, down-sells, backend offers, or paid traffic.

SIMPLE INSIGHT #1: You need a system for quickly and safely proving the profitability of new marketing funnels before you roll them out to paid traffic. This is how you save yourself time and money.

“Once you see you have a campaign which is converting, what’s your process for optimizing, then scaling it?”This was a meaty session…

Cause we talked about optimizing a variety of different campaign models as well as different types of ads on different platforms (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Google).

The one step all of these approaches have in common is the necessity of identifying your campaign constraint before you attempt to optimize or improve anything. 

Your campaign constraint is nothing more than the step or page in your marketing funnel which is underperforming the most for its benchmark.

SIMPLE INSIGHT #2: It’s easy to optimize a marketing funnel when you, first, identify the campaign constraint. This is why it’s so important you have your tracking set-up properly. Done correctly, your tracking shows you the campaign constraint.

When we got the topic of scaling, a lot was shared about how to adjust your targeting, when to expand to new traffic sources, how to adjust your ad creative (i.e. images and copy), and even how to properly adjust your budget.

Personally, I had no idea there’s a right and wrong way to increase and decrease your traffic budget on something like Facebook.

Tom, one of the top marketers from Agora Financial, explained why adjusting your budget properly is so important, along with what he called your Daily Account Threshold.

Really insightful how something so small like changing your traffic budget can have a huge impact on your ability to scale on a platform like Facebook.

SIMPLE INSIGHT #3: Use a “timing system” for scaling your ad campaigns to best leverage the Facebook algorithm, and to prevent your account from getting flagged. It’s important to make adjustments to your budgets properly. And in small increments.

“So let’s talk about the mack daddy of all traffic sources, right now, Facebook. What’s the most effective way you’re using it today?”This question set-off a firehose of discussion, with some really, really interesting insights.


Cause not only are these guys doing some unique stuff with the typical advertising methods on Facebook, they’re also doing some cool, cutting-edge stuff.

Like, there was a discussion about how to crank-up the profitability of your Facebook ads by adding some simple text messaging

Of course, the experts in the room also spent a bunch of time swapping methods for fixing broken Facebook campaigns, optimizing the ones generating sales, and tips and shortcuts for identifying the best images and copy to use for great response rates.

Rich explained that today… NOW… because of the availability of data and website analytics, we (marketers) can use some amazing marketing tactics and strategies we couldn’t before.

Stuff, I had absolutely no idea was possible. Mind-boggling tactics. And that’s not being hypey.

Check it out… stuff like… (you ready for this!!)…

* How to send a compliant non-spam email to every person who visits your website, regardless of whether they opt-in or not. 

* How to display banner ads for your product across the web, to your prospects,… even if they’ve never visited your website before.

* How to run targeted ads on Facebook for people actively shopping for your type of product or service. 

And so much more. Just next-level stuff.

Needless to say, everyone in the room was blown-away by the impact this kind of new marketing can have.

We took a short break.

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