Jeff Paul & Peter Sun – Small Business Advertising Kit

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Jeff Paul & Peter Sun – Small Business Advertising Kit

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Jeff Paul & Peter Sun – Small Business Advertising Kit

Jeff Paul & Peter Sun – Small Business Advertising Kit

Get Jeff Paul & Peter Sun – Small Business Advertising Kit on right now!

How To Increase Your Profits In Any Economic Climate by Peter Sun

Learn the secrets of business owners who have prospered during good times and bad…

How To Instantly Boost Your Sales And Profits In Any Economy…Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

In the few moments you’ll spend reading this letter, you’ll learn how to …

  1. Increase your business and profits almost overnight;
  2. Have greater control over the success of your business; and
  3. Assure your business will grow and thrive in any economy, even in a recession.

And here’s the best part… chances are you can do all this without spending a dollar more than you’ve already committed to marketing. In many cases, you may even reduce what you are currently spending.

One thing is undeniably clear. Businesses who keep on doing what they have always done will get the same results as they’ve always had and…they’ll find it harder and harder to survive, let alone prosper.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This Is What You Need To Thrive In A Changing Market.

Peter Sun, a noted marketing genius in Australia, is getting fantastic results for his clients. Many of them have increased their businesses by a minimum of 39% during the recent  recession. Just by following his recommendations and ideas.

Here Are Some Examples:

A Yellow Pages ad written by Peter Sun generated $11,480 in one month! That was ten times what the client’s previous ad did the year before.

One promotion he designed brought in 86 new customers at a cost of only $65.00.

Another promotion costing $171.00 generated $3,547.00 in sales.

A three-week promotion written for a restaurant, attracted 223 new customers and … $6,474.00 in extra sales. The owners, Craig and Ron, were naturally ecstatic and said “Our business is up 48% over last year.”

Another owner who had been trying to sell his business for two years hired Peter Sun to write a new ad. He received $20,000 more than he was asking and in just one month! Peter’s clients paid him thousands of dollars to write these successful ad’s and promotions. But now… you can get them all to use in your business from this amazing new manual.

Just imagine how you will feel having a variety of well tested, result-proven ads and promotions at your fingertips to increase your sales.

Here Are Some Of The Techniques Which Will Generate Big Profits For Your Business

* How to create powerful offers which instantly attract tons of new customers! Page19.

* How to guarantee 10%, 25%… or 50% more sales by asking one simple question! Page 57.

* How to get 19 times greater response to all your ads, letters and brochures by simply changing your headlines! Page 26.

* How to get tons of free products, money and marketing support from your suppliers! Page48.

* How to make a fortune by collecting your customers’ names and how to turn this to cash generated by itself. This will also create a profitable, saleable asset! Page 9.

* How to write newspaper and magazine ads that are 450% more profitable than the ads you are running now! Page 42.

* A simple technique to make your Yellow Page ad pull more calls than you’re getting now Page 14.

* 11 tested and proven methods to increase the selling power of your ads letters and promotions! Page 52.

* The 6 simple marketing principals you must know to make your sales soar! Page 4.

* How to get your customers to tell you what you should be selling them… and thank you for doing it! Page 61.

* 6 ways to monitor and test all your marketing efforts and generate more profit from every marketing dollar you spend! Page 65.

* The “Secret Method” every successful “marketing expert ” uses! Page 7.

* How to use direct mail to quickly increase and boost your sales and profit! Page 30.

* 9 quick, sure-fire ways to raise cash for your business now! Page 69.

* How to actually increase your profits by giving money back to your customers! Page 38.

* How to make lots of money and be happy! Page 77.

Can You really Increase Your Sales By 206% Or… Sell $26,900 Worth Of Product In Four Hours?!

These owners did… A retail store sold $26,900 worth of product in just four (4!) hours. Ian Cook, using one idea from The Marketing Manual had 90 people in the door within 15 minutes of opening. Almost 500 people came in during 4 hours.

The nearly $27,000 dollars worth of sales was at a good profit margin and… get this … was done in 4 hours… compared to a total of $32,000 dollars in sales for the same month the previous year.

A portrait photographer increased sales from a $200 ad by 206%! That’s $2975 more sales per week at no extra cost. Just by using one of the headlines from The Marketing Manual.

Brian Morris got 16 jobs worth $44,870 in the first four weeks after mailing out a letter he copied from The Marketing Manual.

Winston Marsh, a well-known international business speaker stated “This manual is full of the facts and can make people in business more profitable. If you are in business, any sort of business, drop everything and read it.”

How You Can Immediately Put Yourself Head And Shoulders Above The Competition!

After reading The Marketing Manual, you will know more about marketing your business than any high-priced ad agency. And here’s why…

You’ll have 134 pages of successful business boosters at your fingertips. When you need a new campaign, just pick a format you like, change a few words and… you’re done.

The gems you’ll find are all top performers.

You’ll learn how to create “killer” offers that will jam your phone lines and flood your business with new customers.

Like the ad on page 16 which generated a 980% increase in business. Or…the promotion on page 50 which attracted 350 people into the store in just two days at no cost to the owner!

Or the postcard on page 111 which had 47 people call for every 200 cards mailed out.

And a simple but dramatic letter on Page 114 earned a 48% response.

Choose From 103 Tested Winners!

The above examples are just a few of the successes achieved from the 103 ads, letters and promotions contained in The Marketing Manual. You too can modify and use these to expand your business. You’ll find…

* 37 profitable print ads, from a full page down to a classified.

* 7 unique sales letters, proven to get new customers.

* 6 different “thank you” letters used to increase referrals and get existing customers to buy more. (Put some of these on your letterhead and you’ll be amazed at the business they bring you).

* Several customer survey forms and telephone scripts for maximizing sales from new and existing customers.

* Over 35 flyers, customer club cards, money-making guarantees, and customer name collection systems.

* The fail-safe analysis tool to help boost your advertising response.

Thousands of dollars have been spent testing and fine tuning these ads to eliminate the guess work for you. And, even more important to save you from wasting your money trying to learn what works best.

And here’s more good news… they produce results no matter what kind of business you’re in! Be it retail, wholesale, professional or providing services.

But whatever business your in, the first thing you’ll have to understand is that above all else…

You Are In The Marketing Business!

This is true without exception: No matter what you sell, how you sell it or to whom you sell it. This is extremely important to remember because, the minute you loose sight of this fact, your business will face serious trouble.

But What Is Marketing?

Is it advertising? Is it how you display your goods? Is it how often you (or your reps) call on your accounts? Is it your sales presentation? Is it the signage in front of your store? Is it the cleanliness of your store shop or office?

The answer is… YES!… to all of the above.

Marketing is everything your customer or prospect sees, hears, feels, tastes, thinks or even wonders about your business. Everything that causes your customer or prospect to form an impression or just have a thought about your business is marketing. Remember…

Marketing Is What Gets… And Keeps… Your Customers!

If you do it right, you’ll prosper. If you don’t do it right you may prosper for a while (assuming demand for your product or service is high enough or your competitors are also doing it wrong), but eventually you will run into trouble.

Look, I’ve never heard of a company going out of business because they had too many customers. And I bet you haven’t either.

Most companies that do close usually don’t make enough sales or don’t create enough happy customers.

Don’t let this happen to you!

In fact, if you want to get right down to brass tacks…

There Are Only Three Ways Your Business Can Increase Sales

  1. You attract more customers;
  2. You have your existing customers come back more often; and
  3. Your customers spend more each time they buy.

With The Marketing Manual, you’ll learn exactly how to maximize all three areas. Plus, how to prosper and thrive in any economic climate.

Others Have Paid Thousands

And you would too if you had an “expert” create these ads, letters and promotions specifically for your business. In fact, some of the winners revealed in The Marketing Manual cost $3,000 each.

If you use just a few of the proven money-making principals in this book, you’ll make thousands of extra dollars.

Some of Peter Sun’s clients have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using these same simple techniques covered in The Marketing Manual.

And, most of them have seen their businesses grow from 39% (in 3 months) up to a mind boggling 206%! All these success stories were generated during one of the worst recessions in years. Imagine what they will do for you in a healthy economy.

Of course, experts help like this does not come cheap. If you were to hire someone to write an ad for your company, it would cost you anywhere from $500 to $5,000. And, that would depend on their experience. And, that’s without any guarantee of results.

If you were to bring in a marketing consultant to design a promotion for your business you would stand a minimum of $3,500 to $10,000.

Or try to contract a copywriter to draft a hard-hitting mail campaign for your company. That will set you back a few thousand dollars. But…

You Can Get All This For Around The Cost Of A Daily Newspaper!

The Marketing Manual provides you with step-by-step formulas in plain every-day English which will generate profits almost over night.

It will also give you complete peace of mind knowing your company will thrive… regardless of the economy!

If you were to hire Peter Sun to consult with you by phone, it would cost you at least $2,000 or $3,000. And, you would learn only a couple of the many techniques covered in The Marketing Manual.

But, because these money makers have already been paid for by the original clients, you get the rights to use them.

For this small investment, you’ll literally have a full-time marketing consultant at your very fingertips… ready to produce sales and profits whenever you want.

I use the term “investment” because where else could you invest such a small amount of money and know it will bring you a return of 10, 20 or even 30 times your initial outlay?

Here’s what I mean: If you were to use just one of Peter Sun’s ads or promotions you could generate an extra $11,480 in sales as did Mark Neilson.

Or, you could take in $44,870 in additional business from mailing just one letter.

Or, You could have your Yellow Pages ad getting 1,100% more sales than your competitors.

Wouldn’t you consider these results a phenomenal return on your small investment? Of course you would.

You too can enjoy these same rewarding results. And what’s more, the best is yet to come. You see…

Just imagine if your broker called and said: “Send me $1,000 right away and I will guarantee you at least 10 times your money back in six months… or less.” The only question you and I would have is… “Can I send you more?” Even if we had to borrow it.

This Offer Is Even More Valuable To You

Here’s the amazing reason why; The ads, promotions and marketing strategies producing the biggest profits for you, can be used over and over again. Providing you with an endless stream of increased sales and profits.

What other small investment do you know that will produce ongoing profits day after day?

It is my sincere belief, once you apply just one or two of these proven strategies to your business, the increase in sales will be much greater than you could have hoped for.

Take Control Of How Profitable Your Business Can Be…Starting Today!

Get Jeff Paul & Peter Sun – Small Business Advertising Kit on right now!
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