Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy


Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy

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Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy


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Cody McKibben - Digital Nomad Academy

Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy

Get Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy on right now!

The ONLY Mentorship Program that will have you Working from a Laptop and Living *Anywhere* you Choose a Year from now

You want more freedom, more control over your life, your income, and more time to spend with friends and family, and the opportunity to live and travel where you desire…

Digital Nomad Academy offers you your own Private Panel of Expert Advisors – all Hugely Successful Location-Independent Entrepreneurs – who will hold you by the hand as you build an ultramobile business that lets you travel, work, and live anywhere.

Have you ever found yourself asking: Is this all there is?

Maybe you find yourself on the path to the so-called “American Dream”, wasting the best years of your life in a small cubicle grinding long hours to impress your boss, faithfully towing the the corporate line

They promise you stability, security, wealth (if you play by the rules)… And eventually, they promise you can retire, exhausted and burnt out at 65-years-old (or is it 70 now?), finally able to enjoy life’s riches: cherished time with your family, exotic travel, and the opportunity to pursue your passions.

But if you haven’t noticed recently, all of these false promises are crashing down all around us. The system doesn’t work anymore.

Maybe not consciously, but in some corner of your mind, you’ve recognized that the world is changing, the economy is changing, and you can’t rely upon these systems to provide the stability you demand, and the remarkable life that you crave.

Is this the life you want to lead? Or is this what someone else decided for you?

It’s time to take back control, to take responsibility for yourself, your financial security, your family and the people around you, and learn how to provide for yourself, create rather than constantly consume, and build something of your own, in order to put the reigns firmly back in your hands… so that you can determine where you want to go and what you want to do in this life.

‘Cause the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes. The house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet and you bet big… then you take the house.

–Danny Ocean, Ocean’s Eleven

Digital Nomads are a new breed of resourceful entrepreneurs who are hacking the system, leveraging current economic conditions to live prosperously on their own terms, and to live and work anywhere they please. We enjoy a flexible and fulfilling lifestyle, and have the ability to truly make an impact in the lives of others (around the world!)

After watching a few people bend the rules of reality, one day I decided that rather than waiting for retirement and dreaming about exotic travel and the kind of lifestyle I really wanted to have, I’d spend a year building a business that I could run remotely from anywhere on the globe.

And in November 2008, I got on a plane for Asia with a one-way ticket.

Now, after traveling through Hong Kong, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Bali, and basing myself throughout Thailand for nearly three years, I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

I’m not tied down to any one geographical location, running a location-independent business online, and living my life this way has opened many doors to people and experiences I wouldn’t have back in my “normal” life, that I would have never dreamed I’d have.

The tools I’ve used to build a location-independent business and an international network of friends and colleagues are also available to you. Now it’s my turn to take you by the hand and introduce you to my world.

Digital Nomad Academy was created after it became clear to me that there is NO central place, no institution educating or training people to create a successful mobile lifestyle

For years, I have been on a mission to empower young professionals and entrepreneurs to follow an unconventional path, strive for excellence, and make a positive difference in the world by doing what you’re truly passionate about.

After five years of experimentation, trial and error, failure, and exploration, I’d finally made this work for myself, I’d helped several others make it work, and I’d found dozens, maybe hundreds, of extremely successful people who were doing the same.

I’ve learned such a tremendous amount along the way, distilled the best knowledge and resources, put it into practice, and made it work, and now it hit me that I can turn around and teach others what I have learned, as can many of my peers who have developed much more impressive businesses, and are living even more exotic lifestyles than me.

So I made it my job to build a place where we could all work together, to connect you with key people that I’ve learned from and that I look up to, and to give you the benefit of a five-year head start that I’ve earned through the school of hard knocks.

The digital nomad lifestyle ISN’T for everyone. But if you’re here reading this, it probably IS for you.

There are too many people all over the world who crave more freedom, more flexibility, more adventure, who are stuck at home or in the cubicle living reading OTHER people’s blogs.

We want aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere to have access to stellar training and coaching to help them achieve ultramobility and do work that they’re actually passionate about.
Digital Nomad Academy isn’t anything like other online courses available right now.

What sets Digital Nomad Academy apart from every other product and course in this arena right now is our focus on direct mentorship, interaction, and participation.

DNA is a virtual university, where you’re going to have to invest considerable time and effort, but you’re going to come out on the other side with a great deal of practical knowledge, experience, relationships with a wide variety of people who have DONE IT successfully, and a massive support network.

I’ve spent the last 5 years connecting with some incredible entrepreneurs around the world, and the highest-value benefit you get here inside the Academy is direct access to them:

You get private access to a once-a-week LIVE mentorship call with a wide array of exceptional, knowledgable pros who you can speak with directly
You also have exclusive membership in a thriving community of like-minded people who are all learning and developing businesses alongside you
Other products are content-focused (which is great, and we’ll have plenty of that as well), whereas DNA is more about connecting you with other people.

If you are seriously committed to making the effort required, and ready to make a considerable investment in yourself & your business to change your life this year, then DNA is the place for you. And you’re going to learn from the best damned teachers there are.

Digital Nomad Academy gives you Direct Access to Top Performing, Successful Location-Independent Experts
These are just a few of the successful DNA teachers and contributors whose remotely-operated businesses collectively bring in millions of dollars a year.

We’re going to give you direct access to dozens and dozens of successful digital nomads from all backgrounds who are doing amazing things, so you can ask your questions from the right people who have the right answers to help you overcome all your fears and give you everything you need to be a successful nomad yourself.

These are just a few of the experienced nomadic entrepreneurs who have already committed their time to our students on Weekly DNA Mentorship Calls and Interactive Guest Lectures:

Dan Andrews from Lifestyle Business Podcast 
Dan and his partners have a series of niche manufacturing businesses with offices in San Diego, the Philippines, and a plant in China, that’s set to bring in over $1 million this year. He’s now based in beautiful Bali, though he’s spent the last several years in Philippines, where he’s become a leading authority on outsourcing. Meanwhile he co-hosts the #1 podcast for lifestyle designers and lifestyle entrepreneurs, The Lifestyle Business Podcast, and sponsors the Tropical MBA internship program.

Corbett Barr from Think Traffic 
Corbett started a major Silicon Valley tech company, raised $3 million in venture capital, had employees and the whole package, when he and his wife decided to take a six-month sabbatical to Mexico. Now he has built his own small business around two successful blogs, earning over six figures a year. They typically spend half the year at home in San Francisco and half the year either in Mexico or elsewhere. This they’ve just got back from Eastern Europe.

Adam Baker from Man Vs. Debt 
Adam, his wife Courtney, and their two-and-a-half year old daughter Milligan spent over a year living and traveling abroad, in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. They spent a year preparing for their trip, selling all of their possessions, and getting out of $18,000 in consumer debt, so Adam brings a lot of insight into personal finance and minimalism. This year, they’re voyaging around North America in their newly-purchased RV.

Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo 
Nora had a successful financial planning practice in Canada when she realized her life’s dream to travel extensively around the world was passing her by. In 2006, she sold everything she owned to travel the world full-time and has already set foot in 15 countries while she works as a freelance travel writer. Her travels have taken her to Hawaii, across Asia, Australia, throughout Europe, New Zealand, and more.

Andrew Hayes from Sharing Travel Experiences 
Andy launched two online ventures at once. Sharing Travel Experiences is an online travel lifestyle magazine where he puts to use many of the skills he developed when he used to do a lot of writing for clients, and Travel Online Partners is a tourism marketing company that he has spent time working on while he’s been in Spain, Canada, and California in the last year. He is also an iPhone app developer and a published travel author.

Brian Johnson from En*theos 
Brian is the author of A Philosopher’s Notes, who has distilled the knowledge of all the greatest minds of history and created a handful of lucrative small lifestyle businesses with his wife that has allowed them to live in luxury in Bali, and now back home in LA, and that also has a positive mission at its heart and helps make the world a better place.

Markus Urban from Living on Impulse 
Markus has made over a million dollars through affiliate marketing in the last decade, and is now “living on impulse” as he calls it, able to jetset with his girlfriend anywhere from Thailand to Vegas to Italy on a whim.

Sean Ogle from Location 180 
Sean quit his full time job and utilized a special Tropical MBA internship with Dan Andrews (above) and a few location-independent side jobs to build his expertise in SEO and create a product business of his own that affords him an incredible lifestyle.

Chris Ducker from Virtual Business Lifestyle 
A British national who has built up an outsourcing firm with over 270 employees in the Philippines, Chris has worked his ass off to become a virtual CEO so he can work from home & spend time with his young son.

Jeanne Dee from Soultravelers3 
The Soultravelers3 are a digital nomadic family into their fifth year of an open-ended world tour, who’ve been featured in Tim Ferriss’ second edition of  The 4-Hour Workweek. They’ve raised their daughter to be tri-ligual in Chinese, Spanish and English, and they’ve now seen 38 countries on 5 continents, usually spending their winters in Malaysia and summers in Spain.

Michelle Dale from Virtual Miss Friday 
Michelle is a mobile entrepreneur and mother of two, who left a high-paying job in the banking industry and left the UK to move to Egypt for two years. Since then, she took her VA business from a one-person operation to a 6 figure offshore company while living in Luxor and in a few different parts of France, Spain, and Italy.

Cody McKibben from Thrilling Heroics 
I’m Cody. I’ve made my income primarily through my marketing & web development company for five years, and now spend much of my time building online communities like Untemplater and Digital Nomad Academy, all while living in Southern Thailand on the gorgeous Andaman Sea. I’ve traveled to 25 countries, including all of North America, France, the UK, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, and more, and I’ve lived in Asia for nearly three years now.

Get Direct Mentoring from our Experts & Build Your Own Location-Independent Business

Buy this week & get Lifetime Access to our virtual university (for a 1-time payment of $524)

Regular Price $1495 Today $524

The Next Six Months Could Change Your Life Forever.
It’s time to take back control of your time, your autonomy, and your destiny
“I turned in my 2 week notice today.  A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. … next month I embark on a 3 month solo journey around the world!  Thanks to a crafty use of credit cards and airline miles, I’ll be exploring all over Europe and Asia.”
–Nate, DNA Student, Baltimore

“Since our last call, I’ve been really productive—I’ve finished 2 separate projects in the last week and a half, and I just locked down another $6,000 job too!”
–Adam, DNA Student, Buffalo NY

“I’m 3 weeks away from moving to a little village in France, where I will write the first draft of my book (Fiction)”
–Nicolai, DNA Student, Denmark

“The DNA has been of great value so far: the course material, the calls and the connections with fellow students.”
–Maarten, DNA Student, Amsterdam

“I have my first client… I also have my first affiliate marketing product! … My husband is understandably nervous about my crazy plan. So when I said I wanted to quit in August, he nominated August 31 as the day I quit. … So we’re going to hit Chiang Mai in September, in time for my my birthday!”
–Barbara, DNA Student, Singapore

“Considering the good folks I’ve met and the sharing of information between everyone; I think that in itself is already worthwhile.”
–George, DNA Student, Toronto
Digital Nomad Academy is the ONLY mentoring program of its kind, for people who want to build a business that can take them anywhere.

In addition to weekly group mentoring calls and guest interviews with dozens of mobile entrepreneurs around the world, we will unveil a comprehensive, interactive 6-part business course syllabus over the coming months that will lead you through everything you need to know to get to where we are.

What Youll Learn Inside

Overcome Time and Money obstacles with a solid foundation that will instill the most empowering mindset to get you started.

Unlock the best, profitable business opportunities for your unique strengths, passions and skills.

Discover your guiding vision, how you can make a difference in the world, and your personal mission in life—and why it will be the cornerstone of your success.

Get a clear picture of the fundamental principles of building a real business—creating value, marketing, sales, delivering value, finance, and more—so that you can finally stop wasting time on the things that won’t pay off for you.

Learn the proven process for identifying and testing for the most lucrative products or services in your niche.

Follow us step-by-step to build your online presence, set up a virtual business infrastructure, and implement the important tools you’ll need for day-to-day business operations.

Determine the best way to expand your influence and the best marketing channels to reach your ideal customers and develop lead funnels for your product or service.

Learn why you NEVER want to get stuck working in your business, and how to identify the core processes of your business to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Finally once you’ve developed a sustainable income stream, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of planning your escape, from visas to flight & accommodation deals, preparing, packing, connecting with others, earning extra money on the road, staying long-term, the best countries to travel and live, and going truly international.
You’ll Also Get Access to:

Case studies, profiles, and in-depth interviews where we’ll actually get into the nitty-gritty stuff we wouldn’t normally share publicly!

Exclusive membership in the lively DNA Student Forum, where you can connect with, learn from, ask questions of, and collaborate with a vast network of like-minded people like yourself around the globe (already we have students on 5 continents!)

And the opportunity to ask your questions on private weekly LIVE Q&A calls directly of people who are REALLY doing it (with all different kinds of businesses). This is your chance to ask our Faculty and special Guest Speakers anything—each of them experts in their domain and hugely successful business owners.
These components set DNA apart from any program out there. You won’t be just given a big manual and then be told “good luck”. Mentorship, guidance, and support are key elements for success.

Ask our experienced experts about the most important business lessons they’ve learned, ask them specifics of how they made a particular product line or campaign successful, ask them how they increased their conversion rate on one particular page by 3%, ask them for specific feedback about the product you’re developing.

Since our students are all over the world, all classes will be delivered via webinar or phone and will be recorded for easy access if you miss one. If you can’t be on the live teleconference calls, we’ll always make call recordings available for all members to listen / download in the DNA Library afterwards.

Digital Nomad Academy Membership has been off the market for 10 months. We currently have 60 students inside and we are finally opening our doors again, but we are only accepting a very limited group of 20 5 more students (at a huge 65% discount).

I don’t want to overload the community before everything is completed, tested, and running smoothly, and at this deep discount for the amount of value we’ll be giving you over the next year and beyond, I can only afford to bring in up to 5 more students right now.

So this is the lowest price tag you will ever see on DNA membership again. The eventual price for the Digital Nomad Academy Coaching Program, if you wait until early 2012 will be $1495 annually, but if you’re one of the next 5 students to enroll, it will cost you just $524 for Lifetime Access.

But in exchange, we want extra feedback and participation from you. We want you to give us lots of input on the content and how it’s delivered, what topics you would like our faculty members to spend more or less time on, and let us know as soon as possible if there’s an online technical problem (and then be patient with our team as we work to get it fixed quickly).

I’ll want your thoughts on our online learning environment, I’ll want you to heavily use the online peer-support forums and fill them with case studies, I’ll want you to fill out 2 to 3 member surveys, and serve in an advisory role by becoming members of a virtual advisory “focus group” to help this program be the very best it can be.

If you’re serious about becoming a Digital Nomad this year, if you’re still stuck reading blogs and living vicariously through others, if you haven’t mastered your fears and figured out your passions and pieced together how you can build a mobile business around that, then this is the year we’ll get you sorted out!

Finally, if I am going to give you 65% OFF, you need to do your best to represent DNA and the digital nomad community at large, and promise to continue to participate in the Academy and help give back to other prospective nomads down the road.

Ready to Take Your Business and your Life to the Next Level?

Buy this week & get Lifetime Access to our virtual university (for a 1-time payment of $524)
Regular Price $1495 Today $524

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the program, get on the weekly calls for a month, and if you’re not satisfied just send me an email and I’ll send you a refund. So there’s absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

Get Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy on right now!
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