Chris McCombs – Fitness Profits Blueprint


Chris McCombs – Fitness Profits Blueprint

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Chris McCombs – Fitness Profits Blueprint

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Chris McCombs - Fitness Profits Blueprint

Chris McCombs – Fitness Profits Blueprint

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Hey there,

My name is Chris McCombs and I’m writing you this letter from my home in Anaheim Hills California. I just finished with an awesome full-body workout, had a protein and carb shake and took my Harley Davidson for quick cruise through the hills.

I absolutely love the freedom owning a personal training business allows me to have… I get to help people get into incredible shape… I get to work where I want AND when I want… and the money is incredible… six-figures a year for a part-time hours… it’s go to be the best gig on the planet…

And what’s cool about it is that just about anybody can do it… no special degrees needed and you actually don’t need to be in incredible shape all the time to make it happen… sure it helps… but I’ll admit, sometimes I can let myself go and it doesn’t affect my business on bit…

Almost anyone can build a six-figure fitness training business in almost no time at all…

Here’s what I love about owning a successful personal training business…

* You can make six-figures a year easily
* You can work whatever hours you want
* It’s extremely simple to get a never ending supply of new “ready to hand you their money” clients
* My personal training business does well NO MATTER what the economy is like
* Getting people into shape is fun
* It’s easy to get people to work under you doing the actual work for you
* You can leverage your position as a fitness professional to create multiple streams of income
* You can set it up to where your income is guaranteed for years in advance

Now recently, after seeing so many people lose their jobs… or settling for careers they hate and salaries that will just let a person “barely” get by… I decided to put together “Fitness Profits Blueprint” … a program that helps people just like you find the same kind of success in the fitness industry I have…

Who’s “Fitness Profits Blueprint” for?

  1. Any fitness trainers who aren’t making six-figures a year yet in their business
  2. Any personal trainers who work for someone else and want to break off and build their own business instead of making someone else rich

Here’s what “Fitness Profits Blueprint” can do for you…

This program is gonna guide you step-by-step through the entire process of building a six-figure personal training business completely from scratch… even if you’re not even certified, or have little or no clients.

Here’s what you’re gonna get with “Fitness Profits Blueprint”…

First of all, you’re gonna get five audio files revealing the following…

* How to use automated technology to explode your fitness business
* How to create a fitness newsletter that will pull in new business night and day
* How to get “ready-to-buy” subscribers to a fitness email newsletter
* How to use stealth tactics to automate every part of your business
* How to come up with content for your fitness newsletter
* How to get maximum clients directly from your fitness newsletter
* Bootcamp and group training strategies… and how to maximize how much money you make each hour
* How to start a mega successful bootcamp or group training business in less than 90 days using nothing but free marketing tactics
* Three little known and never-talked-about “sneaky” marketing tactics that can blow up your business practically overnight
* The number one FREE WAY to market your training business
* How to make $6,279.00 your FIRST WEEK as a personal trainer,
* The MAGIC FORMULA to making $8333 a month and becoming a six-figure trainer
* The simple way to go from employee to business owner
* How to break free from the bondage of working for someone else
* The easy way to get you business licenses and paper work in order
* How to avoid common but “business killing” mistakes most personal trainers make
* Making the seamless transition from personal trainer to owning a personal training business
* Local blogging strategies for attracting new clients
* How make your sales process NINE times easier (if you start you’re business and DON’T do this, you’ll hate yourself later)
* How to guarantee a steady income every month
* How to put your clients on automatic billing
* How the get “ready to pay” clients from the top five internet traffic sources
* How to get new clients from the internet WITHOUT lifting a finger through local web domination
* How to get your website up and running without knowing a single thing about technology
* The ‘Search Engine Domination Formula’ that’ll get your site to the top of Google
* How to use get TONS of new clients from Facebook

And on top of these five discs, you’ll also receive…

The Mega Action Plan Manual – A compilation manual of all the audio transcriptions for easy reference

Quick Start Action Video – This video will show you how to setup your own business as an independent contractor AND the most simple way to get started so you can avoid massive amounts of unnecessary confusion

2 Bonus Videos + 1 Bonus Audio

Bonus Video One – The “Automatic-Money-in-Your-Bank” Quick Start Guide

* PLUS a Sample EFT agreement, which could take you dozens of hours to setup and figure out on your own… but I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you
* What is EFT and how it can explode your profits without you having to do an extra ounce work
* The quick and easy way to getting setup and running on auto-pilot with “automatic billing”
* What you must have in your EFT agreements, policies and statements
* The top 3 merchant accounts and top 3 gateways and shopping carts… choose the wrong one and your screwed… that’s why I’ve hunted down the best options out there
* The most important part of the EFT process and how to make sure you clients keep paying month-in-month-out

Bonus Video Two – Fitness Blogging for Profits

* How to use a blog to get TONS of new business
* How to build a cult-like following of buyers and clients with your blog posts

Bonus Audio Program – How To Go From Zero To 350 Website Visitors a Day In Two Months

Get Chris McCombs – Fitness Profits Blueprint on right now!
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