Chanti Zak – Grow with Quizzes


Chanti Zak – Grow with Quizzes

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Alexandra Hughes grew her list more in the 2 weeks after launching her quiz than she did in the entire 3 years she’d been running her coaching business

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Chanti Zak – Grow with Quizzes

Chanti Zak - Grow with Quizzes

That free guide or checklist PDF that you worked so hard to create likely lives in a dead sea of unopened downloads on thousands of hard drives around the world.

Webinar leads cost you a pretty penny so you’re smart to wonder — what happened to the 75% of people who didn’t show up? Or the 95% of people who didn’t buy?

When you do get new subscribers, you struggle to know who they are beyond their name and email.

(I mean, we marketers are notorious for forgetting that a lead = a human *freaking* being that came to you for a reason!)

You create new lead magnets and cross your fingers that they’ll convert

You pour more money into FB ads and hold your breath for ROI

You survey your list and *try* your best to segment. Because word on the street is segmentation is the new black, right?


So you do what

MORE LEADS: helloooooo, internet gods! There are more than 3 billion people and thousands more each day with access to your offers. Pretty sure you can catch a few thousand of those a month.

MORE SALES: your current lead magnets and funnels aren’t generating the sales you want. You know you can do better, and it starts at the top of your funnel. With a lead magnet that segments and helps you better understand your audience from the very beginning.

MORE IMPACT: the most important part of this whole equation is your ability to reach the people who need you most. To cut through the noise and resonate with them on a level that creates connection and trust from the get go.




– Alexandra Hughes

“My quiz has made the biggest difference in growing my community out of everything I’ve ever done in 3 years of building my business. I’m just so grateful for your brain, Chanti!

In the beginning of April I had just under 2,000 subscribers. By May is was up to 3,000. Plus I’m getting these amazing conversion rates. With my small Facebook ads budget, it’s wonderful to be getting leads for between .50-1.00. It’s also been an amazing way to grow my Facebook community. The conversion rate for my quiz is 61.4% and almost 4,500 mamas have taken it!

The experience working with Chanti was so EASY. But seriously, this resonates so well with my people. Everyone talks about how it’s so right on and how grateful they are to have this resource that gives them more clarity and awareness. It’s a perfect first step for them.”

Alexandra Hughes grew her list more in the 2 weeks after launching her quiz than she did in the entire 3 years she’d been running her coaching business



Spending way less on ads

Building your authority, positioning yourself as an expert, and spreading your signature methodology and unique approach far and wide

Learning about who your audience is and how you can best help them

Creating an interactive lead acquisition process that results in genuine engagement and increased conversions across the board

Chanti Zak – Grow with Quizzes on right now!


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