Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) – Deep Online Attraction


Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) – Deep Online Attraction

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Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) – Deep Online Attraction

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Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) - Deep Online Attraction

Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) – Deep Online Attraction

Get Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) – Deep Online Attraction on right now!

Stanford writing teacher reveals how 
he cracked the code in attracting the HIGHEST QUALITY 
and MOST DESIRED women online, and now you can get 
those secrets, starting with
The 3 Biggest Reasons Why 82 Out of 100 Guys FAIL With 
Online Dating!

You already know the bad news: when it comes to online dating…
most guys NEVER get a response to their profile. Not from the most
desirable women, anyway.

Now here’s the GOOD news: this page will explain to you why that
happens to them, and how exactly YOU can finally start getting
beautiful women to email you back… even show up at your front door.

Below, you’ll discover:

How to be “sensual” in the way she WANTS – that promises intense
exuality in a classy way – so that she’s already intrigued by you before
your first conversation…

Use my “mini-vacation” secret…how to get women to crave an
adventurous meeting with you so intensely, SHE will be the one to
suggest you get together…

How “pre-approval” can be your biggest weapon… essentially getting
women to fight and practically beg for the chance to see you
Plus dozens of other useful, effective and test-proven tips…

I’ll be blunt with you…
You’re reading this because you want to meet attractive women online…
but so far, you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for.
We both know the amazing promise of online dating. It’s the world’s
biggest singles bar — a veritable infinity of beautiful women all in one
place. And you never have to leave your house to contact an endless
stream of the best single women in the world flowing into your life,
and ideally, into your arms…
There is a proven formula that will bring you success…
Yet in a Recent Survey – 82% of All Guys Reported They Experienced
Near ZERO SUCCESS with Online Dating
The problem they face is that really attractive women (the ones that
very guy wants)… receive up to 100 emails per day…
And most of those letters are painfully bad. I have sat with models and
beautiful actresses and watched those letters pour in: “what’s up?”
You’re pretty.” “What’s goin’ on?” – and other emptiness.
Average guys who want above average girls cannot afford to send
sub-average letters or post even average profiles. They are MURDERING
their chances of getting a response from first-class women.
On the flip side – the HAPPIER side – there are some guys who DO get
results – incredible results – and I – against all odds – am LIVING PROOF…

My Strange Success Story…

I’m no corner bar pickup artist. No canned “routines.” No goggles. No
clown-shoes. No fur hats. No gold chains.
I was, in fact, the world’s most UNPREPARED man for dating.
I got married at 23. Never flirted, very loyal, never cheated.
Played by the rules. Good dad. Baseball coach. The whole deal.
For a bunch of reasons, I filed for divorce at 39, glad to be free
from an unhappy situation, but suddenly, I was a lost wanderer in a
strange new land…

I had zero game. The only “game” I had from marriage was to find a bare
patch of skin on her leg at night and beg if I could rub against it.

Yeah, I know.

I was not in a good place. Hopeless. I literally thought no one would ever
date me. I felt like a life failure. I was broke. I am not tall, though my
mother, bless her heart, thinks I’m 5’11.” I was losing my hair. I had put on
weight and…
I drove a minivan…

I had no idea how to meet women, where to do or what to say…
Then someone told me about online dating – I had never heard of it.
I was skeptical at first, but when I went online and poked around,
I could immediately identify 5 incredible advantages. They are…
Online dating is exceedingly time efficient – I had my kids half the week.
With online dating, you can meet more women faster – 20 per night or
more, if you want. You can experiment, try out different “voices,” see
what works. Test. Refine. Play.
You can read women’s profiles and instantly know their likes, dislikes,
vocabulary, confidence level, sophistication, their hunger for a guy. You
can quote their favorite singers or make fun of their photos. They GIVE
you all the raw material you need to pique their desire and open a fun and
sexy conversation.

You can meet women cheaply – no expensive well drinks, no fancy shirts,
no valet fees, no cover charges…

You can craft and re-craft profiles that would target exactly the kinds of
women you want – and can even tweak them when you find a winner…
(more on how to do this in a moment)
And the biggest advantage of all: Online, they are looking for you! No girls
going out with friends, no secret boyfriends at home – they WANT to
date, they want to be romanced, inspired, touched, surprised – and with
the right profile, you can do it over and over — automated! — at home, in
your sweats, knocking back a Sam Adams

It was as if the clouds had parted and the gods smiled upon me….
It was the beginning of a decade of dating and wild adventure that has
gotten me on TV, has ranked me higher than Neil Strauss of The Game
in David De Angelo’s “Interview With Gurus” series…

But above all, what’s important to YOU – it has led me to teach over
30,000 men how to succeed with women online – even if everything had
been failure before.

You See, I Had A Secret Weapon — And When I Give It To You, It Will
Instantly Separate You From EVERY Guy Online…

Your Formula For Victory: STOP Doing What Every Other Guy Does! Now.
You Are About To Get My Discoveries That Make A HUGE Difference In
Online Results Mastering Online Dating Changes Your Entire Life…

Mistake #1:

Seeking HER Approval Rather Than Getting Her To Seek Yours

Mistake #2:

“Telling” Rather Than SHOWING
This Is Why My “Romance Novel” Principle Works So Well
Here’s a scene I used that has a bunch of little triggers hidden in plain

“I like to explore foreign cities by day, poking in and out of little bakeries,
tasting strange and scary new delicacies. Then go back to the hotel, rest
up, cuddle up, dress up then hit the town for fun and laughs.”

Again – I connected food and sensuality. “Exploring, poking, tasting,
delicacies” – semi-subtle. “Scary” suggest boldness and excitement,
“cuddling up” is a polite way of saying romantic sex in a foreign city, “dress
up” they love to dress up – and after all this – we are having fun and
I can show you more how to be the sc riptwriter of her fantasy – you have
the power in your hands.
If Paris is out of your budget – I’ll show you how to describe a weekend
by the lake with the same alluring detail of sensual pleasure and touching,
enjoying each other in every enticing detail.

Mistake #3:

Being Sexual WITHOUT Any Real Sensuality
It’s All About Layering In Sensual — Rather Than Overtly Sexual —
Suggestion Into Your Communication
Here’s How You Can Hijack 10 Years of Research To Begin Attracting
Women Online TONIGHT

Get Adam Gilad (a.k.a Grant Adams) – Deep Online Attraction on right now!
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